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Greek tragedy "Medea" comes to life on stage

Greek tragedy “Medea” comes to life on stage By Sainabou Njai
James Magnusson wrote The African Medeaseveral years ago and adapted the story from the Greek classic “Medea” by Euripides. The tale is one depicted of betrayal, infidelity, dishonesty, and revenge at its worst.
Medea is a “black barbarian princess” who murdered her family for the love of Jason, who is her husband.
Medea put her heart and soul into loving Jason, but Jason was greedy. Jason faked his love for women in the pursuit of money. Jason married Medea because of her status as a princess, but when Medea is forsaken from her land, she has nowhere to turn and Medea’s life instantly changes.
Jason moved Medea and their family to his home Luanda, a slave port in Portuguese Angola. Jason betrays Medea for his dreams of gold and riches and takes on another project, which was marrying the governor’s daughter. Jason would inherit the seat of governor if married into the family and sees his dream getting closer, but Medea was left behind, alone and heartbroken.
Medea’s love for Jason pre-determined the hate and anger that came about when Jason disowned her. Medea was a powerful, boisterous woman and could not stand for such humiliation. Gears shifted and Medea wanted revenge against Jason: what we now refer to as ‘a woman’s scorn’.
  Medea wanted to kill Jason, even if it meant her own blood.
 The setting and characters brought Africa right to the stage. The usage of tribal drums, tribal dance, were all elements of the atmosphere that gave this great feeling of pride and culture.
This was a great stage play, starring some of Savannah State University’s finest such as: professor Teresa-Michelle Walker, Thelmore Jackson, William Quiles Jr., Leshe’ Anderson, just to name a few. The Players by The Seacontinue to grace the audience with such great acting skills.
The passion depicted through each character led the audience to believe that this gifted group of young people worked hard and studied long to embrace the African culture, develop accents, and portray such astonishing roles.
 Each character in this play made a great difference in the emotions of the audience, even the drummer. For those who could not attend the show, search the play on YouTube to witness a good, culturally sound performance that will have audiences on the edge of their seats.


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