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Wise charging

Wise charging By Sainabou Njai
Many people are knee-deep in debt. ‘Cash and go’ is the wisest technique to use, but in this society credit has a great impact on a person’s quality of life.
 As young adults, college students sometimes need credit cards to help out with expenses. Credit cards can be great to have if a person has discipline.
 There are tips a person can follow to make sure they do not abuse their credit.
First, understand interest rates.
 Search for a credit card with a low interest rate. A student should not pay more than 15 percent interest on a credit card.  Next, pay the bill on time.  A person should charge according to their budget, and as soon as they get paid, it is a good idea to make a payment.
Do not charge over the budget.
An individual should not charge $500 worth of items if their check is only going to be $350 the next week.
Interest builds and once a person gets behind, it takes years to climb out of this hole.
Some other ways to save money is to shop online.
The prices are equal, if not lower than in-store prices, so individuals can save gas and money by staying home.
When an individual goes out to shop, they are spending extra money on food versus staying home and cooking.
These types of budgeting and good spending habits should become a lifelong principle.


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