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On the Prowl

2011 Homecoming Reactions

By Aleah Hordges

Homecoming 2011 Extreme Makeover: SSU Edition was an anticipation that everyone could no longer wait for. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted the homecoming festivities presenting the theme MMXI Odyssey: The New Era of the Tiger. Now that it is all set and done, was it the best edition and the greatest era of the tiger? Our tigers spill their critiques on what they thought.

To begin the week; “Feast of the Gods” homecoming cookout was Sunday, October 23rd in collaboration with Big O, Dream Team Ent, LVCJ Ent, and ROE. Following up with “Epic Beginnings” homecoming Kick-off party in Tiger Arena. “I loved it because Verse Simmonds was there, but before he came out it was dead,” junior Tanelia Douglas says about the kick-off party. “It was nice to see that it had such a great turn out,” one student says.

The evening of Monday, October 24th the “Jester’s Corner” comedy show featured opening act Ronnie Jordan, former co-host of the Spike Davis and Friends Morning Show and featured on BET’s Comic View, and main act Toney Roberts. Not many thought it was such a jest. Senior Amber Hughes and junior Kendra Carter were not impressed, and so were others that felt the same. “I left so I didn’t here much of any jokes from the main act,” says Kendra. “Last year’s comedians were a lot better,” Amber says.

Day three on Tuesday, October 25th “Commoner’s Court” Non-Greek Stroll Off took place in the Felix-Alexis Circle. According to the student body results from the Non-Greek Stroll Off were unfair with first place AT&T, runner up were the Savage women, and Savage men placed third. The day ended and the night begun with the Tiger Toga Party in the King-Frazier ballroom for those who were feeling mystical. Lots of students were in toga attire with the help of CAB’s assistance. Junior Ilene Martin says she enjoyed herself. “It started off slow, but it was a good turn out,” Ilene says. Ilene was also one of the toga models. “A lot of people came out after seeing the models posed on the four platforms that were outside of the ballroom.” “Overall it was a good turn out,” says another student.

To top the night on Wednesday, October 26th the “Aphrodite’s Closet” Fashion show token place in Tiger Arena featured L.O.V.E & A.M.O.R.E, models of SSU Savages, and Nubian Elite Council of Fashion. Most enjoyed the fashion and were excited to see friends that they knew of to strut the runway. Junior Erica Green believed all the modeling agencies that participated worked hard and did their best. “L.O.V.E & A.M.O.R.E stood out to me the most,” Erica says. Senior Kimberly Morris opposes. Kimberly says that it was all right and that she has been to better fashion shows in the past.

Special guest Toya from BET’s Toya: A Family Affair and Tiny & Toya, appeared for Celebrity Meet-n-Greet Thursday, October 27th in the Student Union ballroom. It would not be a homecoming week without the coronation of Miss Savannah State University; “The Safari Escapade” was the highlight of the day in Tiger Arena. Who did the tigers really think was the highlight, Christelle Bakatukanda or Toya? Lots of students say many did not favor the kente outfits and as usual it was long, but of course Miss SSU Christelle Bakatukanda will always shine the brightest in the spotlight.

Friday, October 28th was the “Festival of the Tiger” which entailed the Tiger Parade, homecoming carnival, pep rally, and the first ever alumni Greek stroll off. Senior Sharonda Redfield, Miss Iota Phi Lambda was in the parade and said, “I thought the crowd was amazing. I appreciated the support from the citizens of Savannah.”

Last, but not least the SSU’s Greek-Lettered Organizations Step Show was held in Tiger Arena Saturday, October 29th that evening. Who did the tigers think stepped the best, the non-Greeks, alumni’s or Greeks? Senior Quentre Shannon gives his criticism of the Greeks. “I didn’t stay the whole time, but the sororities were weak to me. The Alphas and Kappas did their thing,” as the Alphas did and rightfully won first place.

“It was just a fun vibe at all the events. Homecoming just made everything more fun,” says junior Akil Lawson. Looks like CAB and the homecoming committee get a fair overall rating on their thought account and preparations of this year’s homecoming. The tigers can only anticipate once again on seeing what is in store for next year.


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