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A Mouthful of Wisdom

By Diamonique  Cooper

Revised: March 7, 2012

It is not about what you know, but who you know. Many alumni, Mass Communication majors’ and faculty gathered for small refreshments served up with words of wisdom.

The Southern Regional Press Institute reception took place at noon, in Kennedy Hall room 212, after the opening session.  This reception provided a brief intermission and allowed space and opportunity for networking.

SRPI was founded more than 60 years ago. It was and is still a vehicle for Mass Communication students. This institute sheds light for both high school and college students with goals and aspirations in television, radio, journalism and marketing.

Professor Franklin, the director of the SRPI institute yielded the floor to the Alumni.  Many offered tips on advancing in the Mass Communication field and how to rise above the rest. “Become Industry [oriented] and perfect your craft now” said alumni Fennell Marshall, a 2010 graduate who now does marketing for Verizon Wireless.  Myers Davis, a 2006 graduate with a degree in Public Relations and now university program specialist, encouraged students to “Take advantage of everything going on in Mass Communication.”  In a world that is advancing into a media age, one must be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that are available through the use of technology.

Other important tips the alumni shared were:

*Do it now. Start working toward the career you aspire to have.

*Think critically and analytically.

*Take advantage of your resources provided by the school.

*Apply yourself now, and reap the benefits after graduation.

*Be prepared to create your own jobs considering the job market.

*Make connections.

The Mass Communication program is home to many alumni; however, it is current students’ responsibility to continue the legacy.  Graduating senior Brittany Lewis said, “SRPI should have been advertised more.” In response to Lewis’ comment, Michael Cherry, 2007 graduate and now university lab technician said, “Staff cannot do it alone. Students have the charge to promote and advertise for mass communication events.”  He received a big “Amen” from both alumni and friends.

The reception drew to a close.  Those in attendance were left with the shared knowledge that in order to rise above the rest, one must do and be their very best.

Contributing: student reporters-Shaq Blackmon and Aleshia Glass and copy editors Deirdre Rhyne and Laketa Lewis




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