While Savannah, Georgia is no stranger to facing powerful storms, it is no shock that Savannah State University has taken precautions in keeping students safe. With the forecast including the possibility of damaging winds, tornadoes, hail, and flooding, it is important for students to take precaution in order to stay safe. 

             Savannah State sends out warnings for weather via e-mail and apps such as LiveSafe and Everbridge. The messages include: what students wear while outside, what areas to avoid that are subject to sudden flooding, and precautions to stay away from down power lines and electrical wires. Students are also encouraged to access the university website and different weather outlets, such as The Weather Channel  

Winds traveling at 18 miles per hour (mph) or better with gusts to 24 mph, combined with rain can make it feel as if the rain is pouring down even harder. This can create danger for those who are on the roads traveling throughout the city. And as the day progresses into the night and it gets darker, it can become even worse. Make sure you are driving carefully to avoid any accidents. 

            When asked how he felt about weather and its possible outcomes, Savannah State student, Ashtin Baker, answered, “I am confident that the school is making the correct decision in giving the students precautions and doing their best to make sure we are safe. Hopefully it is not so damaging, but it is good to know Savannah State is looking out for us.”  

            While our hopes are that nothing too serious happens, everyone should follow the proper precautions and stay as safe as possible. Savannah has a history—especially in recent years—of threatening thunderstorms, so this one should be monitored as such. And remember, it is better to stay safe than sorry! Stay safe, Tigers! 

Ashtin Baker: Student, Savannah State University, (229) 449-8891 


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