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Where Tiger Arena once was a family- and fan-filled venue with a roaring crowd pumped for action, it is now a place where spectators are not permitted because of restrictions due to COVID-19 

These health protocols have led the Savannah State University to implement a new way for students, families, and fans to enjoy SSU competitions.  

SSU recently introduced a streaming service for the athletic season called Tiger Vision. Tiger Vision is designed to keep the student body, athletes, and fans safe and healthy while also allowing them to watch and support their teams during the current season.  

Bria Gibbs, center on the women’s basketball team, said she thinks Tiger Vision is going to be great.  

“I like Tiger Vision. My family is in North Carolina and they’ve been wanting to come to the games, but with Covid they can’t, so them being able to watch games from home is great,” Gibbs said. 

Women’s Basketball Head Coach Cedric Baker said, “Not having fans at the games is definitely something to get accustomed to. It has its pros and cons.” Lack of physical support, like cheering, at games brings its own challenges.  

“It was a little disheartening in the beginning, but the players understand the protocols that are in place to keep everyone safe,” Baker said. 

Some students said they hope that once COVID numbers and cases go down that the university will allow them to physically come to games again.  

“Although I’d rather it be in-person, I think it’s a cool idea to still be able to have games go on. It’s a nice and safe way to still share school spirit,” said sophomore Madison Moore.  

Sophomore Alyssa Riley said, “I think that it’s awesome they made a streaming service, and it would be even better if they continue it even after COVID because a lot of the away games are out of state so they should keep the streaming service so those who can’t attend the away games can still watch, especially the families.” 

Although COVID-19 has brought many challenges and changes to the teams, there have been some positive.  

Gibbs said, “Having no fans at the games has brought the team closer together. The team has really been able to bond since we’re together all the time now.”  

Gibbs said that the strong team bond will help them win games because teamwork and really knowing who you’re passing to are the keys to the game.  

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