Spider-man into the Spider-Verse was a very interesting movie. It is about Miles Morales, a young teenager in New York City trying to find his way. He is a new student at a boarding school and doesn’t want to be there, but his father gave him no choice. While his father being a well-known police officer, he wants to live up to his expectations of his father, but he keeps falling short. One day Miles was bitten by a radioactive spider. On his way home he would notice some strange activity going on.

As he decides to check it out, he notices it’s one of New York’s biggest criminals Kingpin. He also notices a machine that is going haywire. Spider-man would swing into action and save the day, but Kingpin's damage is already done splitting the multiverse into pieces. Therefore, he and the other spider-heroes have to take action to make things right again. Will Miles do what it takes to get the job done? Tune in to find out.

The way the movie was put together was brilliant. It was the first movie ever with a hand-drawn comic book crossed over with computer animation, and it was a spectacular outcome in the end. He has a black costume, he can disappear, and he is black. The music selection throughout the movie was perfect. It’s almost as they had the perfect song produced for each scene in the movie. With teamwork, you can overcome any obstacle and face any adversity and that was displayed throughout the movie. It also teaches you that things may not be easy the first go around, but trust and believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. The movie was a blast and is a match watch film. It won plenty of awards rightfully so.

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