On Oct. 4, Professor Hernandez hosted a film screening of "All About My Mother" directed by world famous director Pedro Almodovar. Those who attended were greeted with fresh popcorn and a brief, informative speech on the movie, the filmmaker, and the main actress. The film was filled with twists, turns, and on occasion, a few sprinkles of humor emerged in the storyline. 

“It’s critical and essential that we experience different cultures because the more cultures we experience the better we will understand one another,” said Professor Susana Hernandez, who launched the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month here at Savannah State years ago.

From Sept. 15 until Oct. 15, Savannah State will be hosting numerous discussions, presentations, and film screenings associated with Hispanic culture. These events are also open to the public. 

“The movie showed that life can be a whole circle, from a standpoint that you never know where life is going to take you,” said Savannah State student Branden Taylor.

The motion picture covered different types of people from all walks of life. Although the characters experienced difficulties, the focus of the movie wasn’t focused on those stereotypical problems that transgender, cross dressers, and single mothers have in their lives as portrayed by the film. The film portrayed each of these individuals being themselves and living normal lives. This perspective helps a lot of viewers realize we aren’t really that different even though we might not have everything in common.

“What I learned from this movie is that we can’t judge. We keep placing valued judgements on people and situations, and ‘other’ and the ‘others’, so anything that is different we see as ‘other’ and there really isn’t an ‘other’, everybody is just who they are,” said Savannah State student Danielle Johnson.

Professor Hernandez will be hosting a film screening on Tuesday, Oct. 8 in Payne Hall room 101 at 4 p.m. of the film "The Dance of Reality", a fantasy drama about a young mixed boy who is trying to find himself in a society that doesn’t understand him. 

“The events are nice, because it’s something different culturally. It gives you a better understanding," said Branden Taylor.

Throughout this month until Oct. 15, you can enjoy Hispanic food at King-Frazier and attend many events that will help you broaden your cultural perception. 

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