Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner are all too familiar names to the United States of America. All three of these people are Black, all three are males and all three were killed by police officers, none of which were indicted. This says a lot for our country, and this also proves the judicial system to still be unfair and in no regards changing.

In the past couple of months there has been an uproar in the justice system and there are people all over the United States taking a stand. Following the decisions by the courts to not indite the police officer that shot Michael Brown or the police officer that strangled Eric Garner, cities across the country have had peaceful protests that have resembled famous marches in the past and harsh riots that has caused damage to cities that will cost estimated millions to fix.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities  and Predominantly White Institutions across the country have decided to band together and do what it takes to make a change. Going to social media and posting pictures of themselves with their hands up and the caption, "Don't Shoot," and taking pictures of mass audiences laid out in the streets in reference to Garner. Students are banding together like never before in efforts to get their voices heard, and their points across.

Blacks all over the country are putting their foots down and taking a stand for what they believe. According to NPR.ORG, protesters have rallied around the phrase, "Black Lives Matter," and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said, "It's a phrase that should never have to be said."

People are not stopping with peaceful protest and destructive riots, yet they are writing letters into the government, and forming groups to gather ideas and plans to see what can be done to keep this from reoccurring. 

According to HBCUBUZZ.COM, Hampton University, Michigan State University and Howard University are rallying to protest these decisions and are coming up with proactive ways to get equal rights, and these students are not alone. Professors, alumni, and family are marching right next to the students in effort to encourage them to keep doing what they are.

There is one statement to think about, You cannot be disappointed in a system that was not intended to protect you.

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