The Invisible Man (released Feb. 28, 2020) is a thriller mystery that set the audience on the edge of the seats with curiousity throughout the majority of the movie.

This film focuses on Cecilia after the suicide of her sociopathic husband, she finds it hard to believe that he is gone, but not for the reason you’d think.

The movie starts with main character Cecilia (played by Elisabeth Moss) trying to run away in the middle of the night, escaping her husband, Adrian (played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who has her  imprisoned emotionally in their own home.

She gets away successfully but not without her husband on her trail. After the chase, the essence of her husband's sociopathic behavior stays with her, even after his suicide.

She has a feeling that Adrian is still around, giving her some paranoia. At first it seemed light but it got out of control to the friends and family around her. Things start to happen triggering her to remember the words of her sociopathic husband.

With strange things happening, the blame goes all on Cecilia, creating a rift between her and the people she trusts. Her strange behavior lands her in jail, giving this a candy man scenario to it.

This film leaves you thinking what the truth really is and leaving it open for interpretation. There's a twisted but satisfactory ending, leaving the audience on their own to determine the truth. 

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