The Atlanta rapper Gunna is back with a part 2 to his album “Drip or Drown”, which he dropped Drip or Drown 2 in February. I couldn’t be more pleased with the project. 

Many people like to say that Gunna is Young Thug’s sound-a-like. After this album, Gunna separated himself from his predecessor. 

In this album, he mostly talks about designer clothes, luxury cars, making it out of the hood and working hard to stack his money up. 

His individuality shines in this album despite always being told he sounds like other Atlanta rappers. In the song “One Call”, he has a relaxed vibe while still showing the trap side of his music. Gunna has the capability of staying consistent and making hits while doing so in his own style. 

The cover of the album is him under water in designer clothes, tying together his songs and the entire theme of the album. 

Because of how fast his rap career is taking off, he has better access to well-known producers and it shows on this album. 

While listening to the album, I was impressed that I didn’t have to skip any songs. As a person who has heard all of his projects, I was once again not disappointed. If you are a fan of his work you will appreciate this album.

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