Twenty-four year old singer and songwriter Brent Faiyaz dropped his sophomore album F*ck The World on Friday. This project embodies his feelings and what he has gone through so far after his first album "Sonders Son".

The artist has released a ten track album that revolves around sex, money, drugs, and love, but unlike other R&B artists Faiyaz have substance when writes his music and you tell. The production is great, his voice serenades over the beat while keep it chill all while staying in his vocal range. 

Skyline- With this powerful opener, it is chill and sets the mood for the album. His voice is refreshing but not overbearing with the lyrics discussing what motivates to do the things we do. 

Clouded- Faiyaz in this song elaborates about when you have done everything at a young age, many things you once enjoyed as a teenager will not be satisfying once you get into your twenties. 

Been Away- Everything in song resonates with me personally. He is telling his girl at the time not to give his belongings away and that he doesn't want to lose her. Faiyaz says he understands he has been away from her for sometime but that he had to make sure his family is alright. 

F*ck The World- Faiyaz is known for speaking the truth, so before he came out with the album he gives us this single saying that he is willing to cancel anyone who disturbs his peace. He changes his pitch throughout the song to give it some depth which I appreciate vocally. 

Let Me Know- When love is at the forefront of your mind, decision-making can be hard. Even if you're afraid or want to protect yourself, you cannot seek or request something from someone else unless your heart is involved. This song asks the question, "Who can I love when they tell me I can't love myself?/ (Let me know)/How in the H*ll/Could I possibly love someone else?

Soon as I get home (Interlude)- For this song halfway through the album, I got a sense that this song was intended to be a teaser about what's to come in future albums. It was different from what we've heard before from this artist. 

Rehab- Faiyaz says he is the man of many women, but he only has his heart set on one women particular, because she is addicted to drugs as he is addicted to her. 

Bluffin- This song hits home in many different ways for me personally. Faiyaz talks about taking the back seat in a toxic relationship. He says he does not know how unstable she is because she is highly emotional, and that he feels he he has to tip-toe around to see what happens next

Lost Kids Get Money- This is one of my favorite tracks in this album. The artist talks about getting lost in the world, making a lot of money and being in a different league than his friends. He says he finds it hard for him to ask for advice. 

Make it out (outro)- This is a musical outro, signaling the conclusion of the album.  

In retrospect, Faiyaz's latest album delivers 90s nostalgic vibes that have not been felt in a while. F*ck The World feels more down to earth, and I believe he is leading us on into either an album or EP that may just put him on top. I give F*ck the World a 7.5/10. 

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