Are you a student looking into getting a new camera for photography and videography purposes?  Well here is a few reasons why you should look into getting a Sony Mirror less camera in 2019.

From its capabilities of S-log picture profile to even having 24 megapixel image and 4k video. Sony Mirrorless for the past five  years have been releasing cameras that give some what a feel of high end  cinema camera for less than half the price.

S-log is a flat picture profile that gives a better dynamic range and a wide color production range to help reproduce those colors after grading your images in programs like Davinci Resolve or Adobe Lumetri color panel grade. To get these features was unheard of less than ten years ago especially for roughly at seven Hundred Dollars price range with the features of a cinema camera. 

Sony Mirror less has changed the industry on making it more affordable for consumers to have  high quality cameras  for photography and videography.

Sony still remains the most affordable with all of the features that are included with Panasonic and Fuji right behind them. With adding a cage , external monitor and external mic you can really push your Sony limits up to Hollywood standards with a nice rig.

Sony's camera is able to achieve slow-motion at 120 frames per second at 1920x1080 High definition video and is even being able to film 4k quality video  at a price starting off at roughly thousand  dollars with kit lens included.

In the attached video is choreography I created with my Sony Mirrorless camera edited in Adobe Premiere.

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