Eddie Murphy is back and brings with him a host of talented actors for the Netflix original film Dolemite Is My Name. Based on the story of stand-up comedian Rudy Ray Moore, played by Eddie Murphy, and his journey to stardom. 

This surprisingly heartfelt and inspirational biopic exploring the Blaxploitation film era of the 1970s finds ground in a rags to riches story that captivates the struggles of the inspiring artist. 

After many failed attempts at being famous, Rudy Ray Moore, through determination, grit, and just the right amount of luck produced and starred in his own motion picture Dolemite, titled after a character Moore created for his stand-up comedy performances and albums. 

Moore’s journey to the big screen was no small feat. Moore has an epiphany after being inspired by a local drunk after having found no success in the comedy circuit of 1975 Los Angeles. The concept that changed Moore’s life? What if someone took traditional African storytelling and turned it into a comedy act. 

The reimaging of the African folklore character gained praise from his local comedy club patrons and immediately Moore found a way to record a comedy album in his apartment. After some success, Moore decides to take his talents to acting putting everything he has at risk to follow his dream.

Moore hires producer Jerry Jones (Keegan-Michael Key) and director D’Urville Smith (Wesley Snipes) to help him bring his film to life. Having hired his friends from the local comedy club and a few film students from UCLA, Moore goes work creating a first-of-its-kind, action comedy film.

In short, Dolemite Is My Name is an inspirational story about a man that bets on himself. This film which follows the peeks and valleys of a comedian’s rise to stardom is fuel for any inspiring entertainer. 

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