The movie “Harriet” which premiered on November 1, 2019 beautifully illustrates the journey of a true American icon. Raising some controversy, this dramatic biopic is one you must see for yourself!

The film begins with Minty, later re-named Harriet Tubman as portrayed by Cynthia Erivo, leaving a plantation and all her family and friends behind to pursue freedom.

She escapes to Philidelphia by foot with only a few belongings, ambition, and unyielding faith in God. Harriet meets black abolitionists William Still portrayed by Leslie Odom, Jr. and Marie played by Janelle Monae to whom she reveals that a beating in the head by her former master is what lead to her being able to “hear God better”. 

William and Marie’s attempts to help her become accustomed to a new way of life are triumphed by the hero’s uncompromising desire to kill the “monster called slavery”. Throughout the movie, Tubman’s divine spiritual insights lead her to free hundreds of other enslaved Africans.

Not only did she become the historical face of the Underground Railroad, a network responsible for helping slaves escape, but she rescued her father, mother, and many siblings as well. Harriet even became a general in the Union army before dying a free woman in Auburn, New York.

This movie is for the open-minded. Director, Kasi Lemmons, takes you with her on a journey of re-discovering the greatness and strength of Harriet Tubman. She, and each actor did an amazing job in breathing new life into a black American icon who shaped history and shattered glass ceilings.

As a black American woman, this film did not evoke anger. Instead, it was inspirational and encouraged me to have faith in goals aligned with the greater good of my community. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a triumphant, historical narrative.

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