This year was doomed from the beginning.

In its first month, we lost all-time great basketball player Kobe Bryant and it’s been going downhill since.

The vast spreading of CoVid-19 brought unforeseeable issues, including the switch from in-person classes on campus at Savannah State University to online and remote courses taken from a computer at home.

After attending Savannah State University for four years, I never pictured my graduation ceremony would be conducted through a computer screen. I never imagined being sent home without the hopes of taking graduation pictures and a having a last hurrah with my friends.

CoVid-19 has changed the world as we know it, with death tolls rising everyday as America is in panic mode.

The University System of Georgia decided to move all classes online, effective March 30, after a two-week hiatus (including SSU’s Spring Break). However, doing that put a lot of students in difficult positions.

In 2017, a Wisconsin-based research study was published from the HOPE Lab that showed that up to two-thirds of community college students are “food insecure” and 50 percent are housing insecure. The report said 14% were homeless. While Savannah State is not technically a community college, many of the students do suffer from similar issues. These individuals escaped to a college campus for shelter, support or a safe haven to start a better life.

Many students are without needed supplies to complete their classes online including computers, software or even Internet access. All of this is happening while they are enduring a new situation- a pandemic- which has everyone anxious and unsure of the future.

I don’t believe anyone saw this coming. I guess our 2020 vision was on standby. It will take time for the United States to make a comeback after businesses are closing and millions of Americans are unemployed.

At this point all we can do is continue to pray and practice social distancing to stay healthy.

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