Now that everyone is at home, it's a good time to get back to the Lifetime Channel for some of its best content- the made-for-TV movies.

On April 11, Lifetime released its biopic on The Clark Sisters, the best-selling Gospel group, called "The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel."

For those who might not be gospel fans, the group consists of Jackey Clark Chisholm (played by Angela Birchett), Denise Clark Bradford (Raven Goodwin), Dorinda Clark-Cole (Shelea Frazier), Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark (Demore Barnes) and Karen Clark Sheard (played by her daughter Kierra "Kiki" Sheard), all led by their mother Mattie Moss Clark (Aunjanue Ellis). The group is most known for hits like “You Are My Sunshine​," Blessed and Highly Favored,” and “Is My Living In Vain​." 

In this family-oriented movie, the biopic shows how the group quickly rose to fame with the message of God and the many important events in their lives.

Ellis, as Mattie Moss Clark, was electrifying, riveting and unique. She took that role and portrayed the true essence of the legendary gospel musician. It felt as if she was literally there, physically and in spirit. God must have picked her for this specific role and she NAILED IT.

Throughout their journey came trials and tribulations, family rivalry and abuse.

The family rivalry starts when Denise Clark decided to leave the group. She was tired of doing things her mom’s way. Denise did not feel love from her family, constantly being treated poorly because of her three children- all born out of wedlock and to different fathers. 

Dorinda threatens to commit suicide because with everything that was going on. Twinkie is abused by her husband, and Karen almost died because of a gastric bypass surgery failure.

Here is what took me for a loop. In a funeral scene, Denise shows up as if they didn’t know she was coming but in the real footage, her name was on the program.

Close to the end of the biopic, the real Clark Sisters join the characters who play them on stage. It made my heart so warm.

After the debut, the internet roared with positive feedback. Facebook had watch parties on the day of the premier, and #TheClarkSistersMovie blew up all over Twitter.


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