Communication is not a popular trait that many even myself at times acquire.

Theatre Improvisation has been one of the most helpful classes throughout my entire semester in college. I am not saying this only because we didn’t write any papers or had any physical homework. However, the reason is because we were able to be more interactive with the lessons while in class.

By doing certain physical activities such as playing different improvisation games, learning stage entrance and exits, and forming the ideas of “on-the-spot” acting, it gave me a better understanding of how to act with better methods.

This was also a class that helped me become more comfortable with expressing myself as a whole. You may hear someone say “theater majors are very dramatic people” and I will personally say that is true for myself.

The problem is I didn’t truly know how to feel comfortable being that type of person while being out in public. I am not an individual who is always seen doing something ridiculous but I most certainly know that I can be the focus of attention in my environment. I believe teaching individuals how to build character in any form helps restore or bring them back to their original self for them to start building from there.

As a student, I notice that other classes will instruct us in regards to the subject but will not show us how to engage in the subject. This is a lack of personal development skills that I see many areas of learning do not have when it comes to teaching.

This explains why there are people in career fields today where they have to interact with people but lack communication and interaction skills. Opening our character and building it is very important for us to get involved with if we would like to know how to perform an act in a different way than the next person.

Theater Improvisation showed me how to enhance my character on and off the stage. I was able to understand that if you are not comfortable with yourself regularly then it may be quite difficult to do a performance where you will have to over-exaggerate your original character or a different persona.

I personally have had experience of being on set with minor experience of acting but even from that I was able to understand there is a comfort zone that is required in order to perform a successful act. The best thing I was able to truly understand is that there isn’t one method needed of performing an act.

For each person there is a different way to perform the same act. This understanding helps to know that we don’t have to act the same exact way as the next person. Embrace yourself and the original character you already acquire then you will be comfortable with performing an act where you are not just the center of attention but also the mood, the environment and the emotion of the entire act.

I will be taking these methods and understandings that I have learned from the class into the next area of focus of acting and also into my life going into the real world.

As we were told in class “everyday we do improv” which I find very true. We never know who we will be communicating with or what we will be saying to someone before the day starts. Becoming more comfortable with myself, allows me to have better interactions with individuals on a daily basis.

The personal development skills I have also acquired in this class will also be used to help inspire others in building their character. I’m aware that many don’t possess good character that allows them to become more comfortable with expressing themselves which is why I want to be able to introduce the learnings and methods I have taken from the class and use it to inspire others to become more comfortable with being themselves.

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