Graduation is approaching, school has taken me on a rough ride, and I cannot help but wonder where I will land. As I talk with my peers, I have noticed we all seem to share varying levels of both excitement and fear. Post-graduation depression is real, and these tips will help you avoid experiencing it. 

  1. Get advice from your advisors. You have access to hundreds of advisors being on a college or university campus. Go to the people you trust for healthy, objective advice and get help. Getting a new perspective helps you brainstorm even more on that career change or graduate school application. 

  1. Plan and prepare. Put your cellphone down and pick up a notebook. Begin to map out what you want your future to look like and then put all you have towards those goals. It will help to have something to strive for. 

  1. Know your why. When you commit to your purpose, live in your truth, and remind yourself of it daily. Make vision boards, speak daily affirmations to yourself, and journal to focus on your goals. When visualizing your goals, ask yourself, “What does this look like for me?” 

  1. Have patience with yourself. Most people switch career paths several times in their lives. Give yourself time to navigate the fields of your choice so you can find your niche. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with working a job that is not your dream job. Your dream job will fall in your lap when you are committed and passionate. Always be eager to learn, hardworking and reliable. A good reputation is far more important than recognition. 

  1. Commit to finding a hobby. You must have something you enjoy outside of work. It could be knitting, photography, swimming, reading, or biking. Having a healthy outlet is key to relieving stress. 

  1. Read, read, read! Reading is fundamental to your future. You must be a lifelong student. Continue educating yourself, staying abreast of breakthroughs in your field and discovering all that there is to know. 

  1. Have faith in something bigger than yourself. Regardless of what you believe, it is important to have a system of faith to keep you holding on through the rough patches we all experience. Consider worshipping with a like-minded group of people to build a community around you that will support you and lift you up when you need it most.  

I hope these tips will help you prevail over the woes of real life after college. It could help to talk to your peers about your fears and network within the alumni association. Know that your feelings are valid. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for a helping hand.  


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