“Hustlers” is a feminist-based movie about a group of strippers in the early 2000s, who were led by a famous stripper and single mom Ramona, played by Jennifer Lopez. Destiny, played by Constance Wu, looks up to Ramona like a big sister and role model. 

After the Great Recession hits in 2007, Romona leads a group of women in a scheme aimed at stealing from and hustling dozens of wealthy men and the Wall Street bankers who had led the country into the financial crisis.  

Female dominance over men is a major theme of the film. The focus on the women in the story takes on the feminism narrative. Despite the action and heist-style plot of the movie, the group of women have layers and are shown to have a bond of caring and unity. Ramona is a single mother; Destiny is caring for her sick grandmother, and although they have an obligations, they show a lot of compassion to the people they love. 

The act of the women coming together in crime shows the ability of women when united; they are able to do more than when they are separated. Unity is strength in “Hustlers”.  



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