"Us" the movie is a dynamic film that depicts the struggles of society and reflects the selfishness that can posses the mind. The movie starts with a young girl at the fair who wonders off from her parents. While she has wondered off, she encounters a version of herself that is still mysterious to the audience on what happened during the encounter. When found by her parents young Adelaide appears to be traumatized. The audience is then caught with a glimpse of a family that has dysfunctional moments. The mother is upset with Adelaide’s father as he was supposed to watch her. Peele does a good job of highlighting multiple areas of concerns in society in this two-hour movie. 

Attending an HBCU and understanding the importance of the black family, Peele gives the audience a glimpse of common problems that are found in families. Adelaide’s father is presented as a young black man who obviously has a drinking problem. With the father lacking in being a functional parent, the mother is left with no choice but to step-up and be the ideal parent. 

The movie for me was an eye-opener in the sense of the role of the parents in the household. I know that for me in particular growing up in an African American household, my mom was the one that was more organized and emotionally attached to her children. Peele exemplifies this idea first by Adelaide’s mother being concerned about her daughter having a traumatic experience at the fair. This idea is later passed down as older Adelaide has a special connection with her son and tells him, “Stick with me and I will keep you safe”. 

The father figures in this story took a more subtle approach. Adelaide’s father was more carefree and easygoing. Adelaide’s husband joked more and looked at the Brightside of things. 

Being a woman especially as black woman I feel there is always a responsibility that we must uphold. The man of the household provides financially and protectively, while the mother provides security and care. 

Peele’s storyline hits numerous hidden messages but being an African American attending a HBCU, this movie depicts a since of culture that is relatable to my community.

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