Drake released a new mixtape titled “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” on May 1. The mixtape has a total of 14 songs on it and this is his first mixtape since 2017. The question is if this mixtape will make No. 1 in the charts like his first mixtape, "Drake," did back in 2017.

Drake first release a dance routine ready called “Toosie Slide” which is one of fans' favorite songs off the album. On this mixtape, Drake features some great collaborations with artists like Chris Brown, Future, Playboi Carti and many more. Overall the mixtape delivers a handful of great sound of today.

D4L- This song is an expression about an American hip-hop group called D4L and how they were the first to say “What Happ-in." Drake also raps about his beginnings, referring to his time in sixth grade when he was in Payless trying to buy some Asics and now he's "Nike'd down in a snake pit." 

Chicago Freestyle- Drake raps about how he tries to reconnect with some girls on the phone. "Hit one up, she say she got a man. Hit another one up, change number." He says it’s all good, he goes to the club to look around to find one girl to treat her right and nice, although he doesn’t know if she’s a wife. Then he realizes women come and go.

When to Say When- This song is a remix of “Bobby Glenn Sounds Like A Love Song.” In it, Drake talks about being in the industry for so long and the things he has done to get where he is today. He also explains how he is trying to make good on the promises he made.

Overall I do recommend people listen to the mixtape. I can tell you that each song has a different message that everyone can relate to. You can tell Drake put a lot of time and heart into this project.

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