If you love sports then this sports drama series All American created by April Blair is one of the most-watched series on Netflix is for you. All American is based on Spencer James, a young African American male from one of the toughest cities in L.A., Crenshaw. The series is based on the life of professional Football player Spencer Paysinger.

In the series, Spencer faces struggles following his decision to transfer to Beverly Hills. The transfer came after Billy Baker, an old friend of Spencer’s parents, came to Crenshaw to illegally recruit him to come to play for him in Beverly Hills. Spencer is surrounded by few friends and even less family. He has his mother, little brother, the Bakers, and his teammates. He also later in season 1 of the series gets his biological father Corey James, who later on died with illness.

In this latest season of the series, Spencer is coming off a state championship win with the Beverly Hills Eagles. This season features Spencer trying to debate on which high school he would play his senior at between Beverly Hills and South Crenshaw. His team at Beverly Hill isn’t getting along as well but things in South Crenshaw weren’t the norm either. Corey had taken the job at South Crenshaw and wanted Spencer to come to play for him but he left out the fact that he was bringing in a new player. The new player was the son of Corey’s ex-wife that he met when he left Spencer’s life.

Later in Season 2, Spencer is shot in the shoulder which causes him to have to sit out from football. He doesn’t allow that to hold him back though as he begins to work his way back. He later goes on a college visit with 2 of his peers. The visit goes well and Spencer loves it so he goes to the coach and wants to sign there but the coach denies him. The coach doesn’t know if Spencer will be the same and doesn’t want to make any agreements yet.

Things take a twist at the end of the season when South Crenshaw may turn into a magnet school. Spencer and his friends try to make a change. Spencer decides he will play his senior season at South Crenshaw instead of Beverly Hills.

Season 3 has been postponed due to the pandemic but viewers are anxiously waiting on a release date.

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