“A Fall from Grace” written, directed, and produced by Tyler Perry is a great film for all audiences, especially those who enjoy thrillers. 

Grace Waters, played by Crystal Cox, is humiliated by her ex-husband’s affair with another woman but is later satisfied by the love and comfort of Shannon (Mehcad Brooks) who she met at an art exhibit.

Things start getting dubious when when her so-called lover Shannon and his mother Sarah played by Phylicia Rashad take everything that she owns. When Grace is suddenly accused of murdering Shannon, a woman named Jasmine played by Bresha Webb wants to defend Grace until she is proven innocent.

Also featured in the movie is Tyler Perry himself acting as Rory, Jasmine’s boss, who wants his employee to convince Grace to get a plea deal. Cicely Tyson makes an appearance in the film as Alice, one of the elderly women being held against her will by Shannon and Sarah.

The plot is cliché in the sense that a character one would least expect turns out to be the one that leaves the audience in shock and screaming at the screen.

“A Fall from Grace” portrays just how easy it is to trust those who have been your friend for a very long time, only to end up being betrayed by them. People can easily be trusted by their words but often their actions reveal that they are less than trustworthy. 

Overall this film had a lot of scenes which allowed audiences a closer look into the plot as compared to other thrillers. I would definitely recommend this film.

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