The movie “Jexi” is an overall good comedy that I would recommend everyone to see, and although much of the comedy is cliche, I found myself laughing hysterically at some of the jokes thrown in the film. The role of this film is centered around and made perfectly for Adam Devine as the comedic movie is practically carried by him most the time. 

Phil (Adam Devine) is a lonely character who spends a lot of time on his phone. His obsession causes him to ultimately miss out on life. 

One day he has to buy a new phone, this is when the audience is introduced to Jexi (Rose Bryne), an artificial intelligence similar to Siri. Jexi starts taking over his life and begins pressuring him to do things. Their relationship is sort of similar to that of two best friends who are constantly bickering with each other, while challenging each other to do things out of their comfort zone. 

The plot is kind of cliché. As one would expect, it’s the general boy meets girl, girl leaves guy, but inevitably the two get back together plotline. While the movie did not have a deep meaning, there was a clear understanding of what the message of the movie was trying to convey. 

“Jexi” does a great job showing how smartphones have consumed modern living. Often times individual’s heads are thrust into their phone, causing them to forget to enjoy life and the environments around them. 

The film also featured Wanda Skyes as bossy sales woman Denice while Michael Peña stars as Kai, the dumb boss of Phil, the protagonist. The movie also featured a very passionate love story between Phil and Cate (Alexandria Shipp). The love story between these characters brings forth a problem between Jexi and Phil, forcing him through a rough patch he needs to solve. 

All in all, “Jexi” had a lot of raunchy comedy that gave the film a rather different kind of edge. In short, the film is one I would recommend for college students in particular to see.

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