A few ways to save money and invest in your credit in college. understanding wants are temporary and need can be a lifetime. Being in college may seem like a lot at first but having money can make the transition easier if you think smart!

1.     Every time you earn cash put money to the side

When you obtain money, you should make a budget and put money to the side so that you can have money for a rainy day. The money you save up can be spent on a need instead of a want

2.     Budget shopping  

Most of your grocery and clothing does not have to be very expensive. Make sure you check out the sales in the store before you spend all of your money. You can make the same meal with an off-brand and you can still look stylish shopping cheaper.

3.     Scholarships

Applying for scholarships may seem boring but it can be beneficial in the long run. The scholarship can help pay off your tuition while also reimburse you with extra cash.

4.     Part-time/ full time job

Before going off-campus try a work-study job to see if you qualify. Having a job that can work with your schedule can be beneficial. If the first option does not fit, you can try getting a job off-campus that will also fit your availability.   Get a job that pays so you can spend your college life comfortable.

5.     Say no to unnecessary loans

Just because the loans are available to have do not accept them all  to spend on your personal wants, remember you will have to pay the money back eventually.

6.     Get a cheap bill that you can maintain to pay on time

Having a cheap bill as a phone bill can go a long way with your credit it can help improve your score if you are looking to start.

7.     Get a gas card

Having a gas card may help with your credit score why also helping you stay mobile when you are low on cash. Having a gas card is good because you can always pay your normal spending amount on gas.

8.     Say no to credit cards you cannot afford

Having a credit card just to go shopping or to pay all the bills you cannot afford is a bad idea. Remember you don’t have the money to get your wants and now you added another amount of money you may end up in debt for.

9.     Say no to a car payment. by used cars

Having a new car does seem nice but having car payments comes with years of worries. Being stuck with payment can keep you with a car you may eventually get tired of and in debt. because you probably miss your payments. Having a used car can be affordable you can have more money to get car inspections, gas and pay your car insurance on time.

10.  Shorten the times you spend money on activities

You shouldn’t be going out every weekend spending all of your money. Hanging out with a friend is cool but there are limitations when you broke and can’t afford a need.

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