This horror film, directed by Oz Perkins, was once a fun-loving children’s story  has turned into a creepy yet satisfying movie.

It certainly took a minute to adapt to such a new atmosphere, and the way the story was turned into horror; however, once adapted, it’s as if you can’t keep your eyes off of it. Some disturbing images are shown every now and then but that's to be expected. Watching these two children go on a chilling adventure in the house of an evil witch is definitely one for the books. This movie definitely sends chills down your back.

The actors for this film were spot on. Alice Krige, actress for the witch character, really had me at the edge of my seat! Many of us have read the books and seen the cartoons, but this film was still unpredictable.

Though not perfect, with a couple of potholes that can be easily pointed out, and also a few unanswered questions. In my opinion, in order to really get into this film you have to play close attention, as it can be strange. If you do not get wrapped up in it enough to understand the full concept of what Oz Perkins is trying to do, you will grow bored of the film.

Overall, the acting in the film was good. I appreciated the dialogue, even the hair and costume designs. This is a great film that can be appreciated by those of us who loved the original story; I give Oz Perkins five stars.

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