After all the push back dates, cancelled albums, and leaked albums Kanye West has finally released his much anticipated nineth studio album entitiled “Jesus Is King.”  Although Apple Music and other streaming services list the genre as Hip-Hop/Rap, the album is nothing like your typical hip-hop album.

Kanye West has made it public to the media and his fans about his spirtitual journey in Christ. As West has announced in October that he will no longer be making secular music and that he is “In Complete Service to God.” This comes as no surprise giving that Mr. West first major hit was entitled “Jesus Walk.”

This album “Jesus is King” quotes scriptures from the Bible, featuring notable Christian artists like Fred Hammond, and may serve as a wonderful religious experience. The songs are beautifully composed from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if you are a religious person or not, there is a lot you can learn from the album. “Jesus Is King” delivers very possitive messages on each track rather its about raising your children, forgiving your enemies, and not being enslaved by social media and your peers. 

“Every Hour”, “Close on Sunday”, and “God Is” are three out of the eleven notable songs that really stands out. The only negative thing about the album is that it does not highlight his Sunday choir as much as most people anticipated.

Overall, The album receives a 5-star rating it is defintely a master piece and is worth a dialy repeat. 

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Are the local radio stations including WHCJ going to be playing any single releases from this album?

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