Being at a party or event and not hearing your favorite song kills the mood. Many party goers go out with hopes that they will hear one of their favorite songs to help set a vibe. There is a new app that can help solve that issue.

There has never been a better crowd connection with the DJ than the new app Crwdhero. This app-based company connects the DJ with the crowd. With this app the crowd no longer has to deal with hassle of requesting their favorite songs or getting your bestfirend shouted out for their birthday.

According to “Crwdhero allows users to request their favorite songs or submit personal shootout messages to the DJs. You can search for local party vibes in your area and see who is Djing for each event.” 

Two best friends, Tyler Fulwood A.K.A. DJ Insomnia and Daunte Albritton. Created this app when DJ Insomnia noted that people wanted to hear certain songs and became frustrated with DJs who played vibe killing music. 

Other features included:

  • Request your favorite songs with the click of a button.
  • Locate parties in your area.
  • Book a DJ for your next event
  • Live Social Interaction

Operating the app is simple. Just download the Crwdhero app from the app store (iOS), sign up, and creat a Login. Once you establish your account, you will be able to find a party, connect with the DJ, and request up to 3 songs for free. 

The Crwdhero app launched Sept. 1 and is currently adding and updating features. For more information on the app go to

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