The current season of Star is underway and it's keep the audience on its toes with constant change and cliffhangers. 

The show, which airs on Fox at 9 p.m. Wednesdays, features Star Davis (Jude Demorest) as she figures out life after the foster system. 

In the first season, Star leaves her foster home in pursuit of her singing dreams. She finds her sister Simone Davis (Brittany O’Grady), who was separated from her, and they start a singing group together in Atlanta with Instagram friend Alexandra Crane (Ryan Destiny). Once they reach Atlanta, they find support in the form of mother-figure Carlotta Brown (Queen Latifah) the owner of a beauty salon who ends up mothering the girls, with her transgender daughter Cotton (Amiyah Scott), and a down-and-out talent agent named Jahil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) who takes an interest in Star. 

In the second season, Star was sleeping with two men and got pregnant without knowing who the father was. Season 3 opened with the birth of Star's baby, revealing the father was not who she thought it was. She is arrested for assault and was in prison for the majority of the season. The baby's father is fighting drug addiction and is in charge of the newborn boy. As she was preparing to leave jail, Star is attacked and beaten until she is in a coma.

As we enter the final week of Season 3, we are looking for Star to wake up from her coma and the baby's father to recover from his relapse with opioid addiction.

The season finale airs on April 17 and promises to be a worthy hour of your time. Fox has not yet renewed the show for Season 4 but experts believe it is safe for one more season. 

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