I’m sure we all have a love/hate for this time of the semester. So close to summer yet, too close to finals week. Finals week can bring out the stress and anxiety for a majority of students-- but don’t panic! Properly preparing for your exams is the key to avoiding stress and anxiety. Here are five tips that can prepare you for your finals.

Tip 1: Begin timely

Studying for exams is not cramming information in one night, or even an hour before the test. Studying takes time and patience. Set aside some time to study at least three times a week for forty-five minutes.

Tip 2: Get Organized

Arrange all of the materials from your classes, including books, class notes, quizzes, cases etc. Being able to study material that you’ve worked on or have read before can be refreshing to the brain and increase your ability to retain the information.

Tip 3: Write It Down

A study carried out in 2010 by Indiana University found that the regions of the brain associated with learning operated far more efficient when kids were assigned to write out words like "spaceship" by hand versus just studying off the board.

So, writing things out is not a waste of time.

Tip 4: Teamwork makes the dream work

Forming a study group can be highly beneficial. By actively engaging with the material, learning together, and genuinely problem-solving, students can feel empowered and motivated to do tackle their final exam.

Tip 5: Rest

Prepare to sleep for at least 7 hours the night before the exam, this will result in a well-functioning brain. If you aren't well rested before an exam it could throw off your concentration causing you to have a hard time remembering the information that you studied for.

Don’t let your anxiety overwhelm you. Once you walk out from your exam-- don't worry. Worrying about whether you passed or failed an exam will only bring more stress to you. If you followed these tips, odds are, you probably didn't do as bad as you think.

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