There are particular images that arises when one uses a search engine to search, "Black Women."

Hundreds of pictures pop up, thus decorating the page with disgust and a sincere moment of hopelessness. Over time the image of Black women has seriously diverted into Black women being looked at as sex symbols, beasts and incompetent beings that have no home training. 

It is no shock as to why society looks at Black women like they do, all one has to do is just observe and ponder on the actions that Black women partake in every day.

One reason society has the view is Black women do not take a stand for what they know is wrong for the fear of being judged. There are so many Black women out there who have the potential to be so much greater, but just go with what society tells them to be, do and act because of the simple fact that they might fail. They have to teach their fellow women that failure and mistakes are PROOF that you are ALIVE and TRYING. 

They must share their stories of inspiration and desperation with others, and not for them to be judged but to spread stories of victories and overcoming triumphs rather than hate. It’s hard for some to visualize a world like that, but it is so possible.

As a whole, the negative aspects outshine the positive ones.The fights on websites like overshadow the thousands graduating from high school and college. The number of our men in jail gets showcased rather than our men out here making a difference in the community. Even the boys who have swag get more attention over the men who have class.

More and more examples accumulate over time thus making it hard for positive, successful Black role models to emerge. There are all of these unfavorable role models that are on the radios, television and internet, well what about the real role models people can look up to and aspire to be like, such as Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Taraji P. Henson, Tyrese Gibson, Gabriel Douglas, Condoleezza Rice and the list goes on! 

Everyone has the opportunity to make a change, but it takes a generation and before that generation all it takes it one person, one domino to make a chain reaction. All it takes is that one person who is crazy enough to think they are all it takes to make a difference.

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