Marcus Drummer

Marcus Drummer, a Savannah State student, was killed on Feb. 17 in his home off campus.

On Feb. 17, my family received a call we hoped we would never get. My brother, Marcus Drummer, was killed during an armed robbery in Savannah.

Do you know what it’s like to lose a brother? We attended Savannah State together, connected since freshman year. As I prepare for my final weeks in school, waves of grief overcome me because he is not here with me.

The bond we shared was sacred. We had so many secrets between us, and we asked each other for advice. He would visit and write papers with me so I could help revise his work. Sometimes, Marcus would be distracted from school, but he would always come back to me to get him on track. One day, Marcus came to my room and explained he wasn’t doing as well as he needed to be. I asked what he was struggling with, and we got to work. We stayed up and missed parties to get him caught back up. His hard and dedication was set up for a May 2019 graduation date, but that won’t come anymore.

Marcus never let me down, and told me to always keep my head up even at my lowest points. Marcus made sure he checked on me every week and asked me if I was doing OK or if I needed anything.

After the news picked up the story about his death, Savannah State’s campus knew all about the death of my brother- but they didn’t seek to know his life. Marcus was a loving, caring, humble, and happy person. He was the one who let the people he loved know that he loved them.

I was so distraught when I heard the news of his death. When losing a brother, there are so many emotions: sadness, anger, confusion, frustration, and peace.

I’m sad that he is gone, and I’m sad because we were supposed to graduate with each other this year. I’m angry because he died at such a young age, and I’m angry because of the way he died. Finally, I’m frustrated with the people who were arrested for his death.

You don’t expect to lose a family member, and you definitely don’t expect to lose a brother. It’s not easy to get over the death. I know I have to keep fighting and surviving for him and his legacy.

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