Travis Scott

This week on the Billboard Hot 200 chart, the Brooklyn Rapper, Tekashi  or better known as “6ix9ine,” landed at number two. He released his album “Dummy Boy,” while being in jail on federal gang charges. He missed the number one position on the charts because of rapper, Travis Scott. Apparently, Travis Scott sold T-shirts, key chains and beach towels, which each came with a copy of his album. This caused him to return back to the number one position on the charts, while simultaneously earning a No. 1 Billboard hit single.

His album “Astroworld” was released back in August, jumped back to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 not because of popularity, but because of a so-called “merchandise bundle”, which is a chart trick in which an album is packaged with other goods and counts as a sale if the buyer redeems the music.

The rapper used Cyber Monday to release a new round of products to his fans which helped get a total of 31,000 “albums” sold this week. He also sold the song for 69 cents. Then, add that he achieved 52 million streams of the album this week. He also had 27,000 song downloads for the week alone, and you have a number one album.

To further insure his win, he released a new remix by Skrillex to further aid him on both charts. For those who don’t know, Billboard counts the amount of plays of the remix to go towards the original’s songs total numbers for the week. Basically, Travis Scott cheated to chart higher.

Look at 6ix9ine’s “Dummy Boy” album. It featured Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby and Kanye West. It was released last Tuesday on November 27, after being postponed due to 6ix9ine arrest. Then, the album got leaked online, therefore they decided to release it. Despite the rocky railroad, the album “Dummy Boy” was purchased more than 10,000 times, and songs from the album collected more than 72 million streams in three days of tracking, not even a full entire week of tracking. His total week units came up to about 66,000 units.

Despite that 6ix9ine had more than 20 million more streams than Travis from three days of his release, he still came in second on the charts. The problem arises from Travis Scott desperate to stay relevant. He did the same thing when Nicki Minaj released her highly anticipated album, “Queen,” which went number one in eighty-seven countries. Nicki Minaj went to number two on the Billboard 200 charts because Travis Scott sold more sweaters. When Taylor Swift went number one in over one hundred countries, she ranked number one on the charts, so how come Minaj didn’t as well?           

My conspiracy is that people are buying position. Artist like Travis Scott are doing whatever it takes to get a number one, but it is not authentic. Currently, Billboard is reviewing this week tracking to validate if he earned the number on position. Currently, 6ix9ine team is trying to uncover what is going on. 



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