This past week, I saw the premiere of “TheHxliday - Save Me” music video directed by Cole Bennett. The video uses motion blur and closed sceneries to add mysticism, as the main character is pleading to be saved from the depths of his own mind.

The video begins with "TheHxliday” frantically running to escape himself. In order to give the viewer a feeling of urgency throughout the video, Bennet cuts between scenes that shows the character featured in the video either suffering or alone. These scenes are purposely shot erratically with an abnormal feature, such as standing in a pool of blood or sitting in the background next to his own brain. 

Cole Bennett also uses b-roll shots to his advantage by making sure they progress the feeling of “insanity” to the viewer. The cutaway scenes contain intense colors or ideas that evoke the feeling anxiety that may be associated with insanity. Bennett does this by using scenes lit with intense red lighting, or with an abstract visual that gives a closed feeling of being trapped.

Overall, this was, in my opinion, a great video that did good visually explaining the song. The song is a plea by the artist to be saved from his own mind and the visuals add to the feeling of the song by showing the emotions that may come with such a plea, like loneliness and anxiety. This was creative and a well developed project.

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