As our university president prepares to retire and with spring commencement around the corner, there is no better time to spearhead positive change, and to spark creativity and engagement with everyone around us.

As you'll see in this issue, I interviewed Dr. Dozier and received some anwers to questions you all wanted to know.


With the budget issues, enrollment drops, and Dozier’s retirement, many students fear Savannah State University could be in jeopardy of losing our name and history, especially with recent talks of mergers and consolidations.

The posts that go on viral on Twitter and Instagram add to that anxiety.

I challenge you all to turn that fear around. Use that energy to empower yourself through your time here. Get involved, join organizations to lobby for issues that impact you, be a source of accountability for those around you.

Proverbs 27:17 reads, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

Regardless of your belief system, we can all agree on certain principles, and that scripture is simply reinforcing the unmistakable human need for community building and fellowship.

The pioneers of this university fought against impossible odds to make it what it is today. We, today, must hone that strength and continue the fight in order to allow future generations to experience the greatness that is this illustrious university by the sea.

The work and sacrifice of the people who came before us to forge this institution cannot have been done in vain. But we honor them by graduating and thriving.

We have a huge class graduating this spring, doing just that.

A special acknowledgement to Emmalee Walker, who served as vice president to Tiger’s Roar for many years, and to Isaiah Singleton, our features editor, who are both graduating with honors. Also, congratulations to our Sports Editor Alaygra Wells on her graduation and future endeavors. We appreciate everything you’ve done for this organization.

To the graduating class this spring, I commend you on your ambition and dedication. You buckled down, you got it done, and now you will walk across that stage and feel a sense of euphoria I can only imagine.

I hope that you will inspire people to see the value in HBCUs by the integrity you practice, the drive you show, the way you smile in the face of a challenge and you always put your best foot forward, because that’s what HBCU graduates do.

Remember that fear isn’t real. You are all powerful, capable, and you can do anything you dream of.

I hope your hard work will serve as a beacon of light, not only to our SSU community, but in your communities back home and abroad.

In the words of Major Richard R. Wright, “Tell them we are Rising.”


I am a senior journalism student at Savannah State University and Editor-in-chief of The Tiger's Roar. I love to read, write and explore.

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