The Highwaymen is a remake of 1967’s Arthurs Penns “Bonnie and Clyde”. The Highwaymen aired on Netflix on March 29, 2019 and has gotten great but mixed reviews as well. As the title speaks for itself, The Highwaymen is about Bonnie and Clyde going on their rampage of serial killing from town to town. The couple were robbing anything with any sort of cash and then going on a shooting spree. They were dressed from head to toe and all the people enjoyed their antics and even wanted to be just like them. 

The couple were on the verge of being stopped by any man force including the FBI but unfortunately that did not work. Ma Ferguson, Texas Governor, knew the only way to stop the serial killers were to bring old ranger Frank Hammer out of retirement. Ferguson then convinced Hammer to do so and he went on to recruit Maney Gault to assist him with his hunt. Hammer and Gault were pretty popular back in their day and were the best working duo. 

As the two rangers used their bounty hunter skills to track Bonnie and Clyde this was a onetime deal only. Their family were supportive behind them and stood by their side as they did so. Hammer and Gault quietly tracked Bonnie and Clyde and fired them up with loads of bullets. Hammer didn’t feel so good about doing the job, but it had to be done. He was even offered a thousand dollars to describe the bloody event. 

I give the movie an A. It brings Bonnie and Clyde in to the new era and introduces them. It does have a lot of violent content but positive messages throughout. It’s just a story being told from another rangers’ perspective.

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