While Savannah, Ga is best known for its seafood cuisine, hidden in the depths of Spanish moss lies a hidden treasure that every college student should experience at least once. Simply Delicious is a small soul food restaurant that caters to the needs of every southerners’ taste buds. 

When looking for soul food options in Savannah, the search can seem short lived. Usually the only option seems be Sisters of the New South, yet Simply Delicious is now a great alternative to those looking for a home cooked meal. 

Located on the west side of Savannah, Simply Delicious stands on Augusta Ave as a brown stone building that greets customers with the slogan, “Food so good, it’s addictive.” 

The outside isn’t the most appealing, however the best food places never are. 

As you walk inside, one is greeted with bright orange walls and a menu so extensive it’ll give your grandmother competition. From oxtails to fried fish, you can create your own personal Sunday Dinner. 

The menu also includes a range of sides that’s particularly hard to choose between. The sides include: candied yams, collard greens, baked beans, cabbage, green beans, mac & cheese, black eyed peas, and much more. 

Yet, that’s still not all. 

For those individuals who prefer breakfast over dinner, they also have a breakfast menu that will make your mouth water, and beyond that they also have vegetarian options for the healthy eaters. Simply Delicious has an all-inclusive menu for every friend, family member, or foe you choose to dine with. 

Aside from the food itself, the staff was extremely nice and seemed eager to answer all questions. The only downfall about this restaurant, is its cash only. Yet, there’s an ATM across the street, and if you don’t mind paying cash then this is the place for you. 

All in all, the service was nice, the prices were affordable, and the food was true to its name, simply delicious. 

So for those college students looking for a little taste of home, check out Simply Delicious located on the west side of Savannah. You won’t be disappointed.

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