By: Paris Carter

According to Very Well Mind, depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. Depression can come from many factors such as the foods you digest, substance abuse, and health issues, past traumas, or even your genetics. Depression has no age limit, so it is important to get educated on mental health to help save not only your loved one but the stranger who just needs to hear something positive just as they were about to give up.

This generation lives a very modern lifestyle and are more likely to spend most time inside.

Recently more scientific studies are discovering the unique health benefits from spending time outdoors.

What is True Happiness?

“To me, true happiness is having a lot of money, providing for yourself and just being happy,” said Greg Williams.

“True happiness is traveling and being able to do what you want. I mean, that’s what it means to me,” Brandon Butler said.

Happiness can mean something different to everyone. Whether it's money, spending time with family, working at your dream job, or even helping others. No answer is a wrong answer, but you may want to add being in nature to your list.

Sunlight is important to the skin. Hiking, meditating in the park, walking your dog, picnic in the park, going for a bike ride or even studying outside are all ways to spend more time in nature.

Research has shown that being outdoors can do the following:

  • Reduces anger and fear, and stress

  • Increases pleasant feelings

  • Improves concentration

  • Vitamin D levels rise

  • Cause you to become more relaxed

  • Risk of heart disease and high blood pressure will lower

  • Vitamin D levels rise

  • Likely to be more calm in intense situations

Make spending time in nature a part of your daily routine and you will experience better days. Find your local state parks, hiking trails or even your backyard to get active.

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