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The soulful Maryland native, Brent Faiyaz, has profound and solidified his sound on his 3rd EP, Lost. Lost is filled with smooth melodies that are soothing to the sound of the production quality that complement his feeling throughout the EP.

Faiyaz goes through paranoia while overcoming the troubling side of his happy past. He articulates his concerns of growing up and facing creative goals during his heavy times. Lost is more susceptible than his breakout project, Sonder Son.

During this EP, you can feel Faiyaz is floating into a mood of feeling alone in the world and remaining sane throughout it all. From song to song, you get trapped into his charming vocals, but do not understand his feeling as being frustrated through these times. The song, “ Why’z Is It So Hard”, is the song that opened the project and introduce the frustration and pain he sees in the world and himself.

Faiyaz stated to Billboard, “I am a young black male in America and I am growing decreasingly dissatisfied with how the world feels about me. They don’t want us to believe in what we can truly mean to this society. They want us to be drugged-out, assed-out, or brains blown-out. They obsess over our struggle and then profit from our lack of resources. We are more complex than how we are portrayed. I made this song for the young n---as like me. That feel like me”. One of the main reasons why Faiyaz made this song, was to voice his opinion on being targeted in America.

As Lost created more buzz after a week and many people enjoyed his production of this unique EP. Diamond Charles stated, “I like how the EP flows and my favorite track is Trust. The lyrics are relatable, and his laid-back vocals make it better to listen to”. The track, Trust, is one of the breakout songs on the EP. It shows in the track where Faiyaz vents about his wrongdoings and flaws.

His lyrics is filled with content and authenticity.

Shamar Watkins stated, “ It has that chill mood vibe to it. The way he flow with the beat and how the beats are mix together to give a moment when you sit back, relax, have a drink, and have a deep conversation with someone”. In addition, Conterrion Davis stated, “ This EP will open the door for people to understand his passion behind his lyrics. The production level is nothing like Sonder Son, it is more of storytelling deeper with not only him”. Brent Faiyaz is becoming one of new breakout stars from Maryland that is constantly showing his art of work on a higher level. 

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