Brent Faiyaz, former member of the group Sonder, released his album “Lost” on Oct. 18, 2018.

He relates it to his life as being a young black male in society. Faiyaz broke down the meanings of his six-track EP to Billboard, stating that each song represents something special. Track 1 is titled “Why’z it so hard” explaining that society wants blacks to fail and they want us “drugged out." Faiyaz explains that society wants blacks to struggle for their amusement and profit from the lack of resources.

Track 2 is titled “Came Right Back” explains his life through his difficulties, and traveling throughout the world. Staying sane and having a stable mind so he can come back to his family at the end of the day is what he is portraying in this song.

Track 3 is titled “Trust” because he understands that people who don’t know you will have an opinion about you. He does not text too personal because people might screenshot it and share it to others. He also shares that he has had random women find his address and wait outside for him.

Track 4 depicts his “self-reliance” and it is titled “Around Me”. He learns the company he keeps questions their purpose and are good to be around. “No one knows you they way you do”.

Track 5 is titled “Poundz” because of his addictions and poor life choices. He states, “We battle our own demons, we’re born into this world where everyone is troubled, but please stop and think about the babies”. Track 6 is “Target on my Chest” which lastly talks about loyalty. He realizes his traumas cannot control his future, and he is growing and flourishing.

Brent Faiyaz learns to stay positive and pure throughout the negativity.

Born in Columbia, Maryland, in September 1995, Faiyaz grew up listening and learning to love music.

In 2016, he started uploading his music to Soundcloud hoping for someone to discover him. He traveled to North Carolina for a better music opportunity and that is when he linked up with friends and started Sonder, a group of record producers to help make his dreams come true. They released their single “Too Fast” and shortly after that he was featured on a single “Crew” with famous rapper Shy Glizzy, by GoldLink.

Fast forward to 2017, Sonder released an EP that was ranked at the 23rd spot on the Complex list of “Best Albums of 2017 (So Far)”. Later in 2017, he was called for a remix of the song “Crew” and Gucci Mane hopped on the track. The single went platinum x2 and Brent Faiyaz’s name grew bigger.

In 2018, he was nominated for a Grammy alongside GoldLink & Shy Glizzy for “Crew”. Brent is an underrated artist that deserves a lot more credit than what he gets.

He provides a sense of comfort like a therapist through his music. Black males can find Brent somewhat identical to themselves in ways after streaming his album “Lost”. 

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