Beyoncé is all of us, she is a voice for black women, and she uses her platform for women to be heard. Recently, Beyoncé’ released 'Homecoming', a Netflix documentary that reveals her hard work and production behind her Coachella 2018 performance.

During her showcase, Beyoncé, shared the tradition of our beloved Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Her performance was so intentional and rich in history at one of the whitest and most exclusive music festivals in the nation.

Like many products of the Historically Black College, I am often being questioned by white people about the validity of the HBCU experience. Without question, I defend the honor of my beloved HBCU's. However, there was an extra surge of pride that was felt when I heard today’s most successful black woman in entertainment say, “I always dreamed of going to an HBCU.” It was powerful and very needed, since we are constantly being questioned on our relevancy. At one point, many had lost faith in our historic intuitions. Nonetheless, I would like to think that Beyoncé has since restored a sense of pride in HBCU attendance.

Beyoncé could have just thrown a flower crown on her head, as she said, and still would have blown us away with her performance. But she decided to create a feeling and experience that could show the beauty of our culture to those ignorant and ill-formed, becoming a unifier for us.

Personally, she makes me feel strong and invincible. When I listen to Beyoncé I feel empowered, and I feel like I actually have a place in the world – I feel like I actually belong. Her words have a way of conveying this infectious confidence that is much needed for all black girls and women in this nation. Seeing hundreds of beautiful brown faces standing behind her in power and joy was a form of catharsis, especially during a time where our lives and humanity is often taken for granted. I felt seen and, once again, felt the power of what it means to see yourself reflected in art and culture.

From the singing of the Black National Anthem to swag surfing on stage, the performance held Black people close and reminded us that no matter where we are in the world, there is something that connects Black folk and we can always find home in each other. We always find a way to see each other, stand out and stand together even in the whitest of spaces.

I am still amazed at how Beyoncé flipped her Coachella performance into a major business deal. She took a $4 million payout to celebrate our Black American Culture, then turned it into a new album and a $60 million contract with Netflix. Beyoncé is the pinnacle of black girl magic!

The moment Beyoncé’ strutted down that runway, she drew near to Black people and whispered to us with her slight smirk, “This is for us and no one else.”

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