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SGA President met with Harsh Tones from Student Body

By Travis Nixon Guns, tobacco, and security were on agenda for the Savannah State Student Government Association Forum on Monday. The first topic of discussion was the gun policy of….Full Story

Attempted Robbery; Shot Fired in University Village

Late Sunday night, students were alerted by email that a single gunshot was fired in the University Village. Initial reports say officers are investigating an attempted robbery in apartment 536…..Full Story

Tiger Arena F.A.N.FA.R.E Score

Editors Note: The Tiger’s Roar and Stadium Journey are teaming up to review¬†Savannah State’s Tiger Arena. This review will be featured on on March 27, 2014. by Dakarai Penn….Full Story

My Soapbox: Gentrification in Savannah

I am all for change…if it benefits. For some reason, there isn’t much talk about gentrification taking place here in Savannah. I find that so odd because the majority of….Full Story

Top 7 Spring Break Destinations for College Students

by Amber Grigley Hey TIGERS! It’s that time of the year to grab your sunscreen and swimwear and hit the beach for Spring Break. Here are my top 7 Spring….Full Story