If you like Western-style movies one of Netflix’s top 10 films is the one to watch. Having actors and actresses such as Regina King, Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors and many more. Directed by Jeymes Samuel the film was released on November 3rd and reviewed many views.

This film is based on real-life legendary black men and women that were also cowboys in the 19th century. Nat Love, the main character, 11, is enjoying dinner with his parents when Rufus Buck and his gang arrive, shoot down his parents, and cut across onto his forehead.

In retaliation, an adult Love, now an outlaw, murders one of the gang members twenty years later. Meanwhile, his associates, sniper Bill Pickett and quickdraw Jim Beckwourth ambush the red hood gang and seize their loot from a recent bank heist. The lone survivor informs them that the $25,000 they have taken is Buck's. Love travels to see his former sweetheart Mary Fields, who owns a bar chain. Pickett informs Love about the heist.

The Harder They Fall is about taking revenge on those that have done him wrong in the past where he was weak and vulnerable. As to now he is all grown up and gain some handy skills as an outlaw.

If you look real close during the movie this action pack film even had the honor of actor Chadwick Boseman, who has passed away in 2020 of battling cancer. Regina King pointed it out during her interview about the film. The film itself is a touch predictable, but superb performances, high-quality filmmaking, and a true-life narrative so unusual that it's almost unreal all combine to produce a picture that is well worth seeing.


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