Way Of Real Discovery, also known as, W.O.R.D is an influential organization on Savannah State University’s campus that hosts open mic nights and other events for artists on and off campus. W.O.R.D recently partnered up with Direct Management Team last month, and hosted a Label Networking Showcase for artists to gain insight from some A&Rs partnered with Alamo and Sony Records.

Jon Lattimore, the executive chair, states, “The organization is more than just the open mic nights and freestyle rapping, but students talents are used for community service endeavors to inspire, motivate, and uplift through social, cultural, and “edu” tainment programs”(Lattimore). The organizations main targets are the students on campus. Vice President of W.O.R.D, 2benjii, said, “their organization has more to come at the beginning of spring semester”. Word Wednesdays will start back in January, and in February 18, 2020 at Word will be having a cookout at 3 o’ clock. After that event there will be a painting vibe that will be at 6. Word will also have the “Word Showcase”. This is when artists who are interested in joining the organization get the chance to perform their art, and become apart of Word. 2benjii assured that he along with the president of Word, Essence Irvin, would bring more events next semester including cyphers, battle raps, and toy drives, movie night, and much more. To stay updated with Word follow them on Instagram @wordinc_2001.

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