While being isolated at home during the spread of the coronavirus for the past 5-7 weeks, everyone is feeling the anxiety- and for some, depression- that CoVid-19 has brought with it. 

However, everyone is coping with the situation differently. As students finish the semester and its required adjustment to remote learning, some have developed mixed feelings about the school closings and cancellations. 

Noah Stevens, 17, is a senior baseball player at Windsor Forest High School. 

“I’m upset that they cancelled everything, but I understand the seriousness of this situation," he said. "Although the closings and cancellations were for everyone’s protection, I don’t understand why prom and my baseball games had to be cancelled so far out.”

When discussion of postponed college graduations came up," he said, “If graduation is postponed that’s okay, but cancelling is another story. I have some friends that are going to the military and if graduation is postponed for weeks they would still miss it, which is disappointing.”

For Stevens, there is a silver lining to at-home learning. "The great thing is that my friends have been coming over everyday, we play video games and eat snacks," he said. "I told my mom that at least I’m not out anywhere getting in trouble.”

Arzoo Raina, a graduating senior of Savannah State University, stated that she honestly didn’t feel like participating in the commencement ceremony, so the postponement of graduation did not affect her.

“Besides the fact that people are dying from the coronavirus, I like the social distancing," she said. "But I have been doing things I had neglected like drawing, painting, and reading more comics."

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