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My time writing for the Tigers Roar is closely approaching its end as my undergraduate studies will be rewarded with a Bachelor of Arts degree at the 199th commencement. 

I have spent three years at this institution, and I am very grateful for all the experiences I went through during my time at Savannah State University. During my freshman year, I was tasked with getting comfortable in a new environment and culture, but thanks to the assistance from my primary academic advisor, Mr. Duque, I was able to make a seamless transition into the American education system.

Mr. Duque has served as my mentor for all my years and has even gone above and beyond in just assisting me as my academic advisor as he was always interested in my overall well-being.

It would be remiss of me not to mention my department in which I have been enrolled in classes which helped to develop my journalistic skills and overall quality as a writer. The Journalism and Mass Communication department has provided me with resources to grow as a student and as a writer. This ranges from articles published within their newspaper and website, the myriad of faculty members that I have met along the way who served as mentors as well outside the classroom and the technology that I was exposed to in order to master my craft.

This department has been to my aid as well even during my lowest point in my scholastic career here at this institution, and this truly indicated that they are a caring group of professionals. I have also encountered peers who will become life-long friends beyond Savannah State, as they have showed their care towards me and have gone above and beyond being classified as friends, but they have ultimately turned into family. 

Lastly, my involvement with campus organizations has developed me holistically. I say that because looking back on how I was now, I would have never imagined I would be this involved on my campus or achieving such high marks from peers, faculty and staff.

Organizations such as the Collegiate 100 has offered mentoring opportunities for high school students, and even those students from my very own university. I was also a Resident Advisor for two years which allowed me to positively influence incoming students to always aim for high achievement, not only in university, but their life. 

I am proud to be a Savannah State University graduate, and very thankful for my time here and the people I have met. Now I am looking forward to what the future may bring my way.

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