Timeless Fashion Model Management will kick off its first show for the academic school year this evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

The show titled “Elementum” comes from the eye of TFMM president London Heyward, who had a vision to bring the elements earth, wind, water and fire to the runway. Heyward says he always had ideas that were outside of the box, and were extremely timeless.

"We pride ourselves as being known as the best modeling organization," he said. "Although we did not win the Homecoming competition, I know that after 'Elementum' hits Savannah State there will be no question of who the best modeling troupe is."

Founded in 2012, TFMM is known as a modeling organization that allows SSU students to step away from their everyday stress of school and work.

Tabitha Brooks, a junior model for TFMM says, “Timeless, being my first organization I joined, has been a way for me to express myself and build my confidence in a different way. The show is going to be amazing! It is going to show the campus that we are still on top, and that we are The Timeless Fashion Model Management of Savannah.”

In hopes to bounce back from the Homecoming competition, where TFMM took home the third place trophy, Quazi Hillman, vice president of the organization says, “We work really hard to keep the image of our organization as the best, we have long practices, and do lots of studying to ensure everything we do is Timeless”. 

Admission for “Elementum” this evening is free for SSU students, faculty and staff. Non-students and priority seating is $2. 

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