Gardner Hall Savannah State University

Gardner Hall Savannah State University

Located near the back of King Fraizer the International Education building also known as Gardner Hall has added new programs to their building. Melanie Smith, the Study Abroad Coordinator, at Savannah State help student new international student find new experiences and their horizons while they are here.

"During the time of COVID, we decided we're going to look at expanding out, into offering experiential learning opportunities. So in that, um, we have written a few grants and gotten some, some local funding to start the community garden, which is on campus. It is between the gazebo and the health center on campus." She continues, "We also offer kayak. Both kayak coaching for students and staff. So the kayak coaches teach other students how our kayak as well as just obviously basic kayaking, then we also offer bicycle tours."

As that being, there is a new bicycle path off the highway that was added by the city of Savannah as it leads to Lake Mayer. "It's not far from campus. We can get to it, go on off the back Jasmine gate, we've taught a few students how to do it. Haven't had as many students as interested in bike riding. I understand that it's a lot of work, but Savannah's flat. It's not that hard to step outside of your comfort zone. Go hang out at Lake Mayer and learn some of those things."

Next, Melanie adds on about the Language learning lab. "What the learning lab is, is that it allows students the opportunity to have experienced either with a language that they already know, and they just want to hone some of their skills or learn a whole new language. More than 50 languages are available through Rosetta Stone with the license we purchased."

Along with the expansion there are some offers being held for students to take advantage of. One being, the first 25 freshman students being Pell Grant eligible are able to receive free passports that last up to 10 years. And two, Peace Corps.

"Peace Corps will help people decide that they wanna do that is two years working in another country. That's kind of working for the state department. You do get paid to do it, even though they call it volunteering. You don't get paid much, but you do, but Peace Corps also pays for your housing. They give you a separate stipend for meals. All of those things that you may need while you're there representing the U.S. government. And then of course they assist you once you get back, both for, they can help you with student loans. "

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After reading this story, has it ever crossed someone's mind a low interest exists among students about bike riding due to storage and also upkeep? Is the campus going to have enough bicycle racks? Then what backup plan would you have in the event of rain. Kudos for the health center but I do not recall any coverage about it in the Tiger's Roar or Tiger's Roar TV. This is my first time reading about it. I suppose Kayaking makes for interesting conversation at social settings with punch, finger sandwiches, etc. on campus. Savannah State is making overtures towards international students. I feel that is great, however do not forget the national or domestic students whether they come from out of state or commute from Savannah and surrounding cities and towns. There used to be a connection between Savannah State and the City of Savannah. That is not so evident now. The University by the Sea is on its way to becoming a "best kept secret". I was an undergrad at Savannah State from 1977 to the 1980's. I remember the flavor it had. I know someone who has a vision for their grandchildren to attend Savannah State. The question is what will Savannah State have to offer. I am not just talking about your curriculum. I am talking about what will Savannah State have to develop a well rounded person. Can someone still get anywhere from Savannah State?

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