It’s been three years since her groundbreaking album, A Seat at the Table. Solange Knowles has finally released her follow up album, When I Get Home.

Over the years, Knowles has climbed to her artistic peak by having her work in museums, hosting unorthodox, sold-out, live performances and producing salient music videos.

Knowles just like her older sister, Beyonce Knowles, is known to convey influential messages to women through her music and videos.

The current album combines genres across generations of African-American culture just as all of her previous work. In her work, you will notice a mixture of Jazz, funk, R&B, and also chopped and screwed songs. The singer focuses on the exploration of her roots and lifelong influences. Most importantly, the singer focuses on the experience of being a black woman in the south, Texas to be exact.

According to an article by Texas Monthly Knowles clearly shows her drawn inspiration from well-known artists. “Solange pays homage to black music icons- Stevie Wonder, Sun Ra, and Alice Coltrane- as she pushes her sound forward with the help of her contemporaries, like Tyler, the Creator, Metro Boomin, The-Dream, and Raphael Saadi.” they wrote.

With 19 songs total on the album, she has many contributors and artists that have contributed to this album. Samples from “H-Town” legends such as, Choreographer Debbie Allen, actress Phylicia Rashad, Poet Pat Parker, Gucci Maneand the rapper Scarface. Most popular songs on the album are, Way to the Show, Stay Flo, Almeda, and Binz. The album also included a 33- minute film directed and edited by Solange that includes footage from her music video, Way to the Show. Way to the Show music video debuted April 1, 2019 VIA VEVO.

When released on March 1, 2019, When I Get Home was number 1 on the Itunes Sales Charts according to Apple Music. The album has topped music charts in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Australia, and Brazil.

Personally, When I Get Home is the album I choose to listen to when I just need to relax. The smooth beats, sounds of jazz instruments, and of course her soothing voice sets the tone for a night of reading, homework, or even a joy ride. This Album is a 10 out of 10 for me, I am influenced by her music and feel like a powerful woman when singing her lyrics.

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